Fourth P - Parent

A Wife and Mom's Rule of Life: Fourth P - Parent

Review of Objective

Let’s now attend to the duties inherent of being a parent – the second purpose of the Sacrament of Marriage.    Our responsibility as a parent is daunting - temporally and eternally irreplaceable.  God chose us… moms (and dads)… do guide these souls to their Savior.  Our obedience or sloth in this endeavor has eternal consequences.  Remember when thinking about time with the children it is not just physically, but mentally available to them; to laugh, talk and simply be with them.

Raising our children is an important job, a ‘genuine apostolate,’ and a direct mission from God.  All that we do to fulfill our educational responsibilities to our children is an act of love.”   - Holly Pierlot

“We cannot do great things, but we can do small things with great love.”   - St. Teresa of Calcutta

Book Reference  

Read A Mother’s Rule of Life, Chapter 6, “The Fourth P: Parent”


1.       Pray:
      Come, Holy Spirit.  Come by the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well-beloved spouse. I pray that this time and my steps are ordered toward You, Lord, as I discern Your Will for our family and create my rule.  I commit and entrust myself wholly to Your guidance, expecting You to cause my thoughts to become agreeable to Your will, so my planning will be blessed and these efforts will bear fruit. I ask this through Christ, Our Lord, Amen.

2.       Assess
  • What exactly do your children need to do that hasn’t already been accounted for? For daily hygiene? Putting laundry away?  Their personal prayer time?  Sports? Hobbies? Friends?   Homework or schooling?  Sleep, rest, exercise?
  • When can our children perform their duties and activities?
  • What can they do on their own or do I need to be available to help?
  • Do you have any “Family Standards” documented? can you iron out some family standards to get you started?  The book - A House United - Changing Hearts and Behaviors by Teaching Self Government byNicoleen Peck can help you with this.
  • Do I have a pro-active plan for discipline?  Have I communicated this plan well? Consider agreeing with your husband on a few standard disciplines and post on the fridge.
  • Do you know your child’s temperament
  • Do you know your child’s love language?  Need to schedule ways to love him/her this way?

Add these items to your schedule.  Also, if desired, draft your “Family Standards” and fill out your initial “Discipline Plan.”  Example Here.  More info on these can be found on

Support / Accountability

What supporting helps do you want or need to create to help remind you and keep you accountable? 
  • Confirm these plans with your husband?  Have a family meeting to review?  
  • Update the schedule on the refrigerator?  
  • Set reminders on your phone? 
  • Make an appointment on your desktop calendar?  
  • Update your MROL Examen for you to evaluate daily during a scheduled prayer time, to check if you are following through on your 1st  - 4th P commitments.

Do these.

Taking it Further

list of additional resources applicable to the section, if desired
®     Additional Resources:
o   Read the Catechism Chapter on the Fourth Commandment
o   Book - The Mother at Home, Abbott
o   Dr. Ray's DVD "You are a Better Parent than you think!" (free streaming with Amazon Prime)
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