Conversion Stories

The BEST Catholic Conversion Stories (including some re-versions)

"Not 100 in the United States hate the Roman Catholic Church, but millions hate what they mistakenly think the Roman Catholic Church is."   - Ven. Servant of God Bishop Fulton J. Sheen

  1. Scott Hahn - Evengelical, Anti-Catholic, Presbyterian Pastor (1hr 14 min).
    Legendary in converting people to the Catholic faith. #1 Catholic CD of all time.Book: Rome Sweet Rome
    The Mary Foundation - You may order a free MP3 download of this conversion story to share.
    Journey Home Joint Testimony with his wife, Kimberly
  2. Kimberly Hahn (Scott's wife, whose father was a pastor
    Read Online
    Lighthouse Catholic Media (CD or mp3 download)
  3. Audio: Steve Ray - on Lighthouse Catholic Media - way better than the free, older one on Youtube, hich has weird chirping noises throughout and isn't as thorough.- Evengelical (1 hr)
    Book: Crossing the Tiber

  4. Dr. Peter Kreeft - Protestant. thought Catholics were going to hell (1 hr, 8 min)
    Top Catholic Philosopher in this century. Often called the "reincarnated C.S. Lewis."
    His videos (5 short vids in series) 
    "Seven Reasons Why I am Catholic"
    Website - GREAT!

  5. Betty Brennan - Satanist (2 vids, 1 hr). Catholic Lighthouse Media version is the same.
  6. NEW! Video: Keith Nester Conversion Story - Protestant Pastor (57 min)
  7. Patricia Sandoval - Fallen away Catholic. After hitting the lowest of the low, experienced a miraculous conversion.

  8. Johnette Benkovik - Revert, wife reverts and Jesus asks her to 'shut up' to convert her husband.

  9. Alex Jones - Pentecostal Pastor, friend of Steve Ray.

  10. Mother Mariam of the Lamb of God  aka Rosalind Moss (Lighhouse Catholic Media, 1 hr) - Jewish Faith -> Evangelical -> Catholic Nun
Runners Up

  • Joshua Waltz - Altar boy, turned spicey teenager/college kid that God was calling to the priesthood. Story full of miracles.  Lighthouse Catholic Media has best version.
  •  Protestant Youtuber, LizziesAnswers - she has lots of videos defending the faith, will encourage youth to be sure.
  • Moira Noonan - New Age
  • Dr. Allen Hunt: Confessions of a Mega Church Pastor - Evangelical Mega Church Pastor
  • John Salza - Free Masonry - start at 20:20 if you are not Catholic (he starts with detailed Fatima discussion)
  • Carolyn King - Lutheran (1 hr, 29 min)
  • Harvard Professor, Roy Schoeman (2019, 23 min) convert from Judaism. This is more like a "Saul to Paul" story where God reached out to him. Schoeman just really hoped the name of the God he met wasn't Jesus. The Blessed Virgin Mary impacted him greatly.
  • Christine Watkins - agnostic professional ballet dancer, thought Christianity was silly and truly distasteful. Cervial cancer, lowest of the lows, the Blessed Virgin reached down and touched her through a friend's intercession. Miracle cure and miracle conversion.
  • Heather Ross, (only 9 min) non-denominational Christian. Found herself at a Traditional Latin Mass, and it became clear to her that she knew what she was "missing." Never knew this kind of beauty, this type of Mass existed.

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Not Conversion Stories, but just great stuff:
Just a good listen~ Jim Caviezel (Jesus in Passion of the Christ) Interview
Another good listen - Tim Tebow 316 Miracle Story


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