November 25 - Thanksgiving

2021 Catholic Thanksgiving Fun & Learning
Best way to celebrate Thanksgiving? Go to Mass!

Feast Days around Thanksgiving Week 

Nov 22  St. Cecilia (?-230)
Nov 23  Bl. Miguel Pro (1891-1927)
Nov 25  St. Catherine of Alexandria (287-305)
Nov 27 Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal (1830)
Nov 28 St. Catherine Laboure (1806-1876)
Nov 30 St. Andrew (? -61)

1 Chronicles 16:34-35 (and Psalm 136:1) Give thanks to the Lord..."

Collosians 3:15-17 "..and be thankful...gratitude in your hearts..."

St. Ambrose "No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks."


Thankfulness Chain w/ construction paper - Easy (The Joys of Boys)
"Thankful For" Story window - Easy (Buggy and Buddy)
3-D Turkey Cutout  (Real Life At Home)

Free Thanksgiving Movies/Videos 

Mouse on the Mayflower (1968 by Rankin/Bass, Animated 45 min)
The Turkey Caper (1985, animated, 23 min)
Garfield’s Thanksgiving (animated, 24 min)
Matthew 11 Jesus Gives Thanks Thanksgiving Video (ShareFaithKIDS, 5 min)
Fr. Mike Schmitz and Squanto (8 min) “A special instrument sent to us from God.”

Other  Thanksgiving Movies (not free)

Squanto: A Warrior's Tale (1994, 1 hr 22 min), was free last year but no longer-can rent/buy on Youtube or Amazon.
Charlie Brown Thanksgiving (animated, 20 min)
   Charlie Brown coloring page 1 Charlie Brown Coloring Page 2 More
This is America Charlie Brown: The Mayflower Voyagers (animated, 24 min, not always available) 
    Mayflower coloring page

Book for Purchase

Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims - Rush Revere, Liberty the horse, and the middle-school crew visit the Pilgrims and celebrabrate the first Thanksgiving. (Hardcover UNDER $10!)
  Mayflower Activity
  Who Am I?
  Myles Standish Word Scramble
"A Lesson in Thanksgiving" based on the book: Thanks for Thanksgiving.

Free Thanksgiving Audio

Audio: The True Story of Thanksgiving (Rush Limbaugh)

Lists from others

Catholic Toolbox: Christian Thanksgiving Ideas and Activities

Thanksgiving Day Prayer

Lord, we thank you
for the goodness of our people
and for the spirit of justice
that fills this nation.
We thank you for the beauty and fullness of the
land and the challenge of the cities.

We thank you for our work and our rest,
for one another, and for our homes.
We thank you, Lord:
accept our thanksgiving on this day.
We pray and give thanks through Jesus Christ our Lord.
R: Amen.


December 6 - St. Nicholas (?- 343), Myra

Resources for St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra
Patron Saint of Children

Coloring Pages
Life of St. Nicholas Color Book - 16 pages (St. Nicholas Center)
St. Nicholas Coloring Page (SJTB)
St. Nicholas Coloring Page (The Catholic Kid)
St. Nicholas Coloring Page (Page (Catholic Playground)
St. Nicholas Coloring Page (
Veggie Tales St. Nicholas Coloring Page

Videos - Streaming
FREE from Saint Stories for Kids St. Nicholas Part 1  St. Nicholas Part 2
CCC - St. Nicholas Free if you have


St. Nicholas, Pray for Us!

April 29 | St. Catherine of Siena (1380), France

St. Catherine of Siena Resources
Doctor of the Church
Patron Saint of Italy and against fires

Coloring Pages
St. Catherine of Siena Coloring Page (Catholic Playground)
St. Catherine of Siena Coloring Pages (

St. Catherine, TAN/Mary Fabyan Windeatt, Grades 4-8 and up, individual books priced $8-$13

Youtube Videos
St. Catherine of Siena (My Catholic Family EWTN)
St. Catherine of Siena (Catholic Sainits for Kids, 25 min)

Video / DVD
St. Catherine of Siena (My Catholic Family EWTN)

St. Catherine, pray for us!

Apr 25 | St. Mark the Evangelist (d.68)

Resources for St. Mark the Evangelist
Gospel Writer
Founder of Church in Alexandria

Pictured w/ winged lion because at the beginning of his Gospel, Saint Mark presents "a voice of one crying out in the desert," as if the roar of a lion (Mark 1:3), 

Coloring Page
St. Mark Coloring Page (Schola Rosa)

Learn More
About (Catholic Online)

St. Mark, pray for us!

April 23 | St. George (280-303)

Resources for St. George

Martyr who suffered at Lydda in Palestine, probably before the time of Constantine.
Children love the fable of St. George slaying the dragon and rescuing the King's daughter.

pay the supreme price to follow Christ is what the Church believes

Coloring Page
St. George Coloring Page (Schola Rosa)
St.. George slaying the dragon  (supercoloring)
St. George and the dragon (supercoloring)

St. George and the Dragon, (picture book Margaret Hodges)

Saint of the Day (Saint of the Day, Franc. Media)

Videos- Free
Story of St. George (animated, Christian Kids TV, 15 min) 
Video About (Catholic Online, 3 min)

Read About (Catholic Encyclopedia)

April 16 | St. Bernadette (1844-1879), France

Resources for St. Bernadette

Coloring Pages
St. Bernadette Coloring Page (Catholic Playground)
Our Lady Of Lourdes Coloring Page (Catholic Playground)

Saint of the Day (Franciscan Media, 2 min)
MP3 Download or Audio CD Vol 15: St. Bernadette Suburious, Our Lady's Messenger
St. Bernadette of Lourdes ($10, Truth to Inspire Audiodrama, 30 min) FREE on

Bernadette: The Little Girl from Lourdes (Life of a Saint, picture book, grade 2+)
Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Story Coloring Book by Mary Fabyan Windeatt (grade 3+)
Story of St. Bernadette (Footsteps of the Saints, Level 1-2nd-3rd, approx 32 pg, paperback, double spacing, larger font size)
Bernatdette Our Lady's Little Servant (Vision Books, grade 7)
Saint Bernadette: The Miracle of Lourdes (Pauline Books age 6-10)
Saint Bernadette Soubirous and Our Lady of Lourdes (Pauline Books age 8-12)

Free Videos-Youtube
Story of St. Bernadette (animated, Christian Kids TV, 23 min)
The Song of Bernadette (1943, 2hr 37m)

Videos-DVD or Rent
Bernadette the Princess of Lourdes (animated, CCC, 30 min) FREE on
The Song of St. Bernadette Rent on Amazon (1943, 156 min)
St. Bernadette of Lourdes Documentary - rent on Amazon  (28 min)
DVD Bernadette (Ignatius Press, 1 hr 58min) FREE on

Make your own or buy this Our Lady of Lourdes Grotto Kit ($7.50), Catholic Icing Post on this
St. Bernadette Notebook Journal ($4.50,TeacherspayTeacers, 25 p)

More Fun
List of all the apparitions (
Read about her (EWTN)

April 16 | St. Encratis (d.304), Spain

Resources for St. Encratis, Virgin & Martyr 
Martyred brutally with 18 companions during the Diocletian Persecution

Coloring Page

Read About
Read About (
Read About (Catholic Online)
St. Encratis, pray for us!

April 15 | St. Paternus (482-565), Wales

Resources for St. Paternus, Hermit

His life, documented in the Vita Sancti Paterni (written in the 12th century!)  On pilgrimage to Jerusalem with St. David and St. Teilo, all three bishops acquired the gift of tongues so that whomever they spoke to understood them in his own language.

Coloring Page

Read About (Catholic Online)
St. Paternus, pray for us!

April 14 | St. Benezet (1163-1184), France

Resources for St. Benezet, Bridge Builder

Coloring Page
St. Benezet Coloring Pager (Schola Rosa)

Read About St. Benezet (Catholic Online)

St. Benezet Bridge in Avignon, France
The bridge's construction was inspired by Saint Bénézet, a shepherd boy from the hamlet of Villard in the Ardèche, who while tending his flock heard the voice of Jesus asking him to build a bridge across the river. Although he was ridiculed at first, he dramatically "proved" his divine inspiration by miraculously lifting a huge block of stone. He won support for his project and formed a Bridge Brotherhood to oversee its construction. After his death, he was interred on the bridge itself, in a small chapel standing on one of the bridge's surviving piers on the Avignon side.

St. Benezet, pray for us!

April 13 | St. Hermenegild (d.586), Spain

Resources for St. Hermenegild

St. Hermenegild was a Visigoth Prince matyred for the faith. He was put to death by his father, the Arian King Leovigild for holding firm to the Catholic faith. His father later repented.

Coloring Page

Read About (ReturnToFatima)
Read About (Catholic Online)

St. Hermenegild, pray for us!

April 24 | St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen (1577-1622), Switzerland

Coloring Page and More for St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen
Capuchin Friar involved in the Counter-Reformation

Coloring Page
St. Fidelis Coloring Page (Schola Rosa)

Saint of the Day (Franciscan Media)

Video/About St. Fidelis (Franciscan Friars, 6 min)

St. Fidelis, pray for us!

April 12 | St. Julius, Pope (d.352), Rome

St. Julius Coloring Page and More
**Around 350 A.D. Pope Julius I declared December 25 as the official date of the birth of Jesus. **
Coloring Page
St. Julius Coloring Page (Schola Rosa)

Read About (Catholic Online)

St. Julius, pray for us!

April 11 | St. Gemma Galgani, Mystic (1878-1903), Italy

St. Gemma Galgani Coloring Page and More

This young woman who died at the age of 26, is the patron saint of students and pharmacists. She also SAW her guardian angel during her life. What a gift! And what a great story to be able to share with our children!

Coloring Page
St. Gemma Coloring Page (

Audio - The Diary of Saint Gemma Galgani (1 hr 30 min)

A Story of St. Gemma - Footsteps of the Saints Level 1-2nd/3rd - approx 32 pg, paperback, double spacing, larger font size

St. Gemma Website
About (Catholic Online)


"I wish, oh Jesus, that my voice could reach to the ends of the world, to call all sinners and tell them to enter into Thy Heart....Oh, if only all sinners would come to Thy Heart!... Come! Come sinners, do not be afraid! The sword of Justice cannot reach you Here!"

~St Gemma Galgani

April 11 | St. Stanislaus Kostka (1030-1079), Poland

St. Stanislaus Koska Coloring Page and More

Have you had a broken bone? Children had one? Did you know that there's a saint for that? St. Stanislaus Kostka is remembered on April 11 and he was the first Pole to be canonized (St. John Paul II was another.)

Coloring Page
St. Stanislaus Kostka Coloring Page (Catholic Playground)


April 10 | St. Bademus, Martyr (?-376), Persia

Coloring Page and More for St. Bademus, Martyr

The saint we remember today, April 10, lived in the fourth century and was whipped daily for four months while in prison. St. Bademus was a Persian and was killed by his friend who had apostatized.

Coloring Page
St. Bademus Coloring Page (Schola Rosa)

Read About (EWTN)

St. Bademus, pray for us!