Catholic Video Lists and Media Review Resources

Catholic / Christian Movie Lists

Media Review Websites

These are Christian websites that provide reviews of movies and give specific information about content areas such as language, violence, and sexuality.
  • Decent Films /SDG Reviews - A National Catholic Review Movie Critic offers reviews that give a rating for Artistic/Entertainment value, Moral/Spiritual value, Age Appropriateness and a detailed overview of the movie.
  • Dove Family Foundation Movie Reviews: The Dove reviews, posted online at, are based on traditional Judeo-Christian values. There is a content chart and descriptions that gauge six criteria: Sexuality, Language, Violence, Drug and alcohol use, Nudity, and Other.
  • Focus on the Family Movie Reviews: Besides movie reviews, also has reviews for TV shows, music, games, and books.  It is a Focus on the Family website, if you're familiar with that organization.
  • USCCB/CNS Movie Reviews - detailed info requires a subscription
If you can't find the movie you're looking for on any of the above websites, use This is a secular website but there is a section called "Parent's Guide." It can be found under the "Storyline" section. Click on "View Content Advisory." There are ratings and specific comments about areas of concern such as violence, nudity/sexual, and language. The comments in this section are submitted by people who have seen the movie so there's some subjectivity to the comments. This website is helpful for older movies that were made before and started reviewing movies.