Top 10 Catholic Coloring Page Websites

The Top Ten FREE Catholic Saints and other Liturgical Year Coloring Pages
Coloring Pages from Catholic Playground
These are the websites that are most often linked-to for our Saint/Feast Day resource pages

  1. The Catholic Playground
    Download her A-Z book for $4.99
    (14 pgs, one saint (1/2 page) for each letter of the alphabet, teacher guide
  2. Schola Rosa Homeschool Coop
    Select HOME CURRICULUM from Menu, then click on "FREE STUFF"
  3. Saints to Color
  4. St. John the Baptist Parish, Front Royal, VA
  5. The Catholic Kid
  6. Paper Dali - Catholic Coloring & Crafts
  7. Coloring Saints - site seems to be down?
  8. St. Anne's Helper - some free coloring pages scattered throughout
  9. Sermons 4 Kids - Bible story coloring pages
  10. Crusaders for Christ - scroll down the page, there are lots
  1. Farmily, Feast and Feria - Jennifer Gregory Miller
  2. Catholic Icing - Lacy Rabideau - coloring pages and activities on each individual saint post (list at the bottom of the page)
  3. - 4 pages / books of History Coloring Pages, which include Bible and Saints coloring pages. From the "History Printables" menu you can find the four pages of coloring pages or on "Quick Print" she turned them into books.
  4. Look at Him and be Radiant - Katie Bogner
  5. - Not a Christian Website but has lots of Bible and Saint coloring pages; you have to search for them individually. Link example is for "St. Paul"
  6. Weekly -> Holy Heroes Sunday Mass Prep - has a free coloring page that corresponds to each Sunday's Scripture readings.

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