Mother's Rule of Life Templates & Samples

A Wife and Mom's Rule of Life: Templates and Samples for You to Use / Customize

Before We Begin

1st P

1st P - Prayer Options (Word)
1st P - Prayer Options Worksheet (Word)

2nd P

2nd P - Mom's Routines Template
    Mom's Routines Sample
2nd P - Child's Routines Template
    Child's Routines Sample

Pulling Your Rule Together

Daily Timeframes Template (Word)
    Sample Daily Timeframes
Alternative Weekly Timeframes Template (Word)
Daily Chore Times Template


Morning Chores/Evening Chores Template
Mealtime Chores Template
Once A Week Chores Template
Detailed Chores Template
   Sample Chore Listing (Pdf)
   Sample Chore List - Household Chores (Word)
   Sample Mom's To-do/Chore List (Word)

Final Daily Schedule Template

Completed Mom's Rules

Sample Mom's Rule 1 Document (Word)
Sample Mom's Rule 2 Document (Word)

Menu Planning

Menu Planning Template (Word)
    Sample Menu Plan 1 (Word)
    Sample Menu Plan 2 (Excel)


Child Examen Template
    Sample Child Examen
Mom Examen Template
    Sample Mom Examen

Other Samples

Teach Respectful, Immediate Obedience Idea

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