What your child needs to know before you let them leave your home

Top 50+ List of Life Skills (a starting list) before you unleash them on the world.

"You need to make sure your child knows how to clean a toilet before you let them leave home!"
- Your child's future spouse

Our children should know how to:
  1. Locate a Mass when they are out of town (Google Maps, "Catholic Churches near me").
  2. Change the toilet paper roll.
  3. Really Clean. See our age-appropriate chore list.
  4. Make your own doctor and dentist appointment.
  5. Write thank-you notes.
  6. Write a letter.
  7. Phone ettiquette and take a decent phone message.
  8. Pproperly introduce yourself (make eye contact, shake hands, etc.).
  9. Have a conversation with an elderly person.
  10. Know what is inappropriate conversation. e.g. don't asking age, how much you make, how much did you pay for that, are you pregnant, etc.
  11. Make small talk.
  12. Make a simple, nutricious meal (boys, too!)
  13. Brew a good pot of coffee.
  14. Bake a good chocolate chip cookie.
  15. Play cards.
  16. Plant and take care of a garden and indoor plants and flowers.
  17. Mow a lawn.
  18. Hammer and nail.
  19. Know how to do general care maintenance (girls, too) - washer fluid, check/add oil, check air pressure in tires, put air in tires, jump start a car.
  20. Apply for a job without parent help.
  21. Resign / quit a job well.
  22. Budget. A way to personally track spending. Know what an overdraft fee is. Check-writing and/or bill-pay. Open an account. How to tithe even when under-budget.
  23. Know how to register to vote and how and where and when to vote.
  24. Understand how credit cards work. How interest rates and late fees add up.
  25. Not to make assumptions. Really know the terms before you sign your name on an agreement or contract.
  26. Fill out their own financial aid - yes, parents will have to help the first time. Memorize their SSN
  27. How to plan and/or book a trip. How to make a hotel and/or car rental reservation.
  28. Wash clothes (separate, read labels - know when dry-clean only or wool).
  29. Iron clothes.
  30. Replace a button.
  31. Use a laundromat.
  32. Know some basic repairs (clogged drain, leaky faucet, squeaky things, tighten screws)
  33. Flip a circuit breaker.
  34. Change a battery in the smoke detector.
  35. Know how to use both a gas stove and an electric stove. Know the pros/cons, differences.
  36. Understand general healthy eating and recommended daily calorie intake.
  37. Understand how driving tickets effect insurance and what your insurance options are.
  38. Undresand unit pricing at grocery store. Notice generic vs. brand.
  39. Return something on-line and at a store.
  40. Know your basic family history e.g. health history: "Is there cancer in your family?" and nationality: "Where does your last name come from?"
  41. Basic First Aid. How to find the Poision Hotline. Some natural home remedies.
  42. Hang a picture.
  43. Do taxes without parent - turbo tax for starters.
  44. Make a pro and con list.
  45. Know appropriate ways to break-up and handle a break-up.
  46. Wrap a present.
  47. Have table manners. Be able to eat a fancy meal. Set a table correctly, use folded napkin, appropriate silverware, don't eat until all have been served, "please pass," pass to the right, etc.
  48. Be prepared with general self-defense knowledge.
  49. Use a library.
  50. Tie a tie (girls, too!)
  51. Boy-girl things. Chivalry. Boys to do it, girls to demand it.
  52. Gun safety.
  53. Change sheets on your bed.
  54. To swim, put on a life jacket, and row using a paddle.
Also see our age-appropirate chore lists page

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