Age-appropriate Chore and Skills Lists

Age-appropriate chore (and skills) list

Also see our Life-Skills List

Our view is not so much that these chores are performed perfectly at these ages, but that the child starts to learn to do these things - works towards doing them well. And with big families, sometimes whatever effort they are able to put forth on a chore, it's still better than not doing it at all! Also, these ages are just ballparks as some children are ready at earlier ages and some are slow-and-go on learning theses tasks.

Ages 2-3

  • sit still for mealtime prayer
  • if paper plate, gingerly clear own plate and throw in garbage
  • put plastic cups on the table
  • wipe-up their own spills with help
  • put toys away (need easy to reach bins / containers)
  • fill pet food dish (not water yet)
  • put dirty clothes in hamper
  • dust with feather duster or pre-dampened cloth
  • pick-up sticks

Ages 4-5

  • make their bed
  • take off their own bed sheets when it's time for washing
  • wipe-down and clean appliance fronts
  • empty waste-basket
  • go get the mail or newspaper
  • clear the table
  • pull weeds
  • water flowers
  • put away silverware
  • wash plastic dishes in sink
  • fix their own bowl of cereal (half a gallon of milk container)
  • tidy bookshelf
  • put clothes away (can start trying - most likely won't do it well)
  • line up shoes and boots nice in the front closet/entry
  • clean out car - we give the children either a bag for books and toys, or a plastic bag for garbage

Ages 6-7

  • sort laundry
  • shake out rugs
  • match socks
  • sweep floors
  • set and clear table
  • help make lunch
  • weed and rake leaves
  • keep bedroom tidy
  • help bring in groceries
  • put clothes away well (mom has to keep drawers from getting too full)
  • remove couch cushions, clean, and replace

Ages 8-9

  • wash windows
  • match and roll socks
  • load dishwasher
  • put away groceries
  • vacuum
  • help make dinner
  • make own snacks
  • wash table after meals
  • put away own laundry
  • make own breakfast
  • cook simple foods
  • cut and peel veggies (note: training required by parent)
  • Do kitchen re-fills: salt & pepper, napkins, sugar
  • mop floor
  • use broom to get cobwebs from wall corners
  • walk the dog
  • shovel snow


  • unload dishwasher
  • fold laundry
  • clean bathroom
  • wash windows
  • wash car
  • cook simple meal
  • do laundry
  • iron clothes
  • baby-sit younger siblings
  • wash light fixtures
  • wash walls
  • change their bed sheets

A little older

  • Independent Seasonal Chores and Deep Cleaning
  • Clean out Refrigerator
  • Clean fan blades on ceiling fans

Good Morning "Big 6"
All children do this every morning with help until they do it independently

  1. Say good morning to Jesus
  2. Get dressed (change underwear)
  3. Make your bed (put jammies under your pillow)
  4. Tidy your room (books and toys)
  5. Shut off the lights
  6. Hygiene

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