Lent 2021

Lenten Resources for your Family - This page includes resources for all of Lent and the Triduum - close to 50 different coloring pages!

Fr. Mike Schmitz Video: "How to Live this Lent for Others" (Ascension Presents, 7 min)
Fr. Mike Schmitz Video: "Preparing for Lent" (Ascension Presents, 8 min)
USCCB Lenten Calendar

Learn About
About Lent Video (Catholic Online, 5 min)

Ash Wednesday 

Stations - Read/Meditate on the Stations of the Cross
Stations Coloring Pages (Catholic Playground)
Scroll down the page a bit to find great Stations Coloring Pages (St. John the Baptist Roman Catholic Church)
Make a Stations Coloring Booklet (Catholic Playground)
One Pager Stations - rhyming meditations, great for children
Stations Video - 35 minutes
Shorter Franciscans Way of the Cross Video from Aquainas College - 5 min

Lent Copywork / Activities
Bible Verse Joel 2:12-14 Manuscript
A Bible Verse for Lent Joel 2:12-14 
Even now, declares the LORD, return to me with all your heart, with fasting and weeping and mourning. Rend your heart and not your garments. Return to the LORD your God, for he is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love, and he relents from sending calamity.
Free Lent Activity workbooks - 2 versions for gr K-2 and 3-4 (Disciple for Christ)

Lenten Reading for the Family
Read Amon's Adventure a Family Story for Easter (Just like the Jotham's Journey Advent Series, but this is for Lent/Easter!)

Lenten Calendars
Printable Lenten Calendar for Kids - print Page 2 only (Catholic Icing)  Sample of how you can use it from previous Lent.
Order from Dumb Ox Productions - Mary's Favorite! (under $5)
"This is my all time favorite item to get for the kids! It is great for kids from Kindergarten to at least 4th grade. For the last 10 years I have been getting it every year I have a little extra money. I also love the calendar they have for adults! Hard hitting, but a simple help to become a saint!" - Mary K (2/3/18)
Printable "Pause for Lent" Calendar/Poster (catholicfamilycelebrations.com)
Another Lenten Calendar Option (Catholic Inspired)

Sign up for Holy Heroes Lenten Adventure (free daily activities emailed to you, with video)
How to make a palm leaf cross Youtube video
Make a Crown of Thorns - help kids learn about sacrifice (Catholic Icing). Make a crown and place toothpicks in the crown. Remove a 'thorn' if you make a sacrifice or do a good deed (to ease Jesus' suffering) or place a 'thorn' in his crown if you sin to show how your sin hurts Him.
Sacrifice Bean Jar (Catholic Icing)

Prayer Opportunties / Spiritual Retreats
On-line Ignatian Prayer Adventure - 8 weeks, great for Lent or any time.
Read and Meditate on The 24 Hours of the Passion by Luisa Piccarretta (Little Daughter of the Divine Will). The Hours begin on pg. 21.
Pray the Seven Penitential Psalms
Pray the Surrender Novena

Pretzel Recipe
Good Friday Lunch (Catholic Icing)
Crown of Thorns Bread (Catholic Icing)
Lots of Lenten food ideas on Catholic Cuisine
Since purple is the liturgical color of Lent, include a purple food!

Home Decor
Purple is the color of Lent - purple candles, purple table cloth

Free Movies for Lenten Season
Jesus, He Lived Among Us (Youtube, animated 90 min)
Jesus, A Kingdom without Frontiers (Youtube, animated/Mondo TV, 90 min)
Jesus Christ's Life Story (Youtube, animated 2 hrs)
Last Supper, Crucifixion & Resurrection (Youtube, Greatest Heroes & Legends of the Bible)
The Passion on Youtube (animated, JesusWonder, 24 min)
The Passion of Christ for Kids on Youtube (animated, Jesus Film Media, 9 minutes)
Jim Caveizel Interview about his role as Jesus in the Passion of Christ Movie (40 min) -POWERFUL!

Other Movies - not free
At Jesus' Side - FREE w/ Amazon Prime (animated, 2008, 90 minutes) 0 dog follows Jesus the last week of his life
The Passion of Christ (R, 2004)

General Coloring Pages
Rice Bowl Coloring page from The Catholic Kid
Ash Wednesday Coloring Pages

Lenten Coloring Pages (Palm Sumday, Holy Week, Triduum)
Palm Sunday
Color (The Catholic Kid)
Color (SJTB)
Color (Schola Rosa)
Color (Schola Rosa)

Spy Wednesday

Holy Thursday/ Maundy Thursday/ Last Supper/
Agony in the Garden/ Scourging

Judas and 30 pc of silver coloring page (raisingourkids.com)

Jesus washing feet of apostles coloring (raisingourkids.com)
The Triduum Color (The Catholic Kid)
5th Luminous - Institution of the Eucharist Color  (SJTB)
5th Luminous - Inst of Euch/Last Supper Color (The Catholic Kid)
Last Supper Color (Sermons4Kids)
Last Supper  Color (Coloring Saints)
Last Supper Color (Schola Rosa)
Last Supper Color (Schola Rosa)
1st Sorrowful -Agony in the Garden (The Catholic Kid)
1st Sorrowful Agony in the Garden Color (Schola Rosa)
1st Sorrowful Agony in the Garden Color (SJTB)D'Vinci Last Supper Color (Super Coloring)

Good Friday / Scourging/ Crowning w Thorns/ Stations of the Cross / Crucifixion / Passion
Stations 1stJesus Condemned Coloring (The Catholic Kid)
Stations 1s-
Jesus Condemned Color (SJTB) 2nd Sorrowful - Scourging Coloring Page (The Catholic Kid)
3rd Sorrowful -
Crowning with Thorns Coloring (The Catholic Kid)
2nd Sorrowful -
Scourging Color (SJTB)
3rd Sorrowful - Crowing with Thorns Color (SJTB)
4th Sorrowful - Carrying of the Cross Color (SJTB))
Stations 2nd-
Jesus Carries His Cross Color (The Catholic Kid))
4th Sorrowful - Jesus Carries His Cross (The Catholic Kid)
Stations 3rd-Jesus Falls 1st Time Coloring (SJTB)
Stations 3rd -
Jesus Falls 1st Time Coloring (The Catholic Kid)
Stations 4th-Jesus Meets His Mother Coloring (SJTB)
Stations 4th-
Jesus Meets His Mother (The Coloring Kid)
Stations 5th-Simon Helps Coloring (SJTB)
Stations 5th-
Simon Helps Coloring (The Catholic Kid)
Stations 6th-Veronica  Coloring (SJTB)
St. Veronica Color (The Catholic Kid)
Stations 6thVeronica Color (The Catholic Kid)
Stations 7th-Jesus Falls 2nd Time  Coloring (SJTB)
Stations 7th-
Jesus Falls 2nd Time Coloring (The Catholic Kid)
Stations 8th-Jesus speaks to Holy Women Coloring (SJTB)
Stations 8th-
Jesus speaks to Holy Women Coloring (The Catholic Kid)
Stations 9th\–Jesus Falls 3rd Time  Coloring (SJTB)
Stations 9th-
Jesus Falls 3rd Time Coloring (The Catholic Kid)
Stations 10th-Jesus Stripped  Coloring (SJTB)
Stations 10th-
jesus Stripped Coloring (The Catholic Kid)
Stations 11th-Jesus Nailed to Cross Coloring (SJTB)
Stations 11th-Jesus Nailed to Cross Color (The Catholic Kid)
Lifting of Cross Color (Schola Rosa)
Stations 12th-Jesus Dies Coloring (The Catholic Kid)
Stations 12th- Jesus Dies Coloring (SJTB)
5th Sorrowful –
Crucifixion Coloring (The Catholic Kid)
Crucifix Color (Coloring Saints)
Crucifix Color (Mom Junction)
Crucifixion Color (Schola Rosa)
Stations 13th- Jesus Taken Down Coloring (SJTB)
Stations 13th-Jesus Taken Down Coloring (The Catholic Kid)
Stations 14thJesus laid in Sepulcher (The Catholic Kid)
Stations 14th- Jesus Laid in Sepulcher Coloring (SJTB)

Holy Saturday
Watching the Tomb Color (Schola Rosa)

Easter/ Resurrection
Resurrection - Color
He is Risen Color
Resurrection Color (Schola Rosa)
Resurrection Color (SJTB)
Resurrection Color (Coloring Saints)
Easter Lily Color (The Catholic Kid)


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