Second P - Person

A Wife and Mom's Rule of Life: Second P - Person (Taking care of you!)

Review of Objective
With the 2nd P you are initially ensuring you that you make a schedule to get what you need – for your body and your spirit.  Those items not already covered in your First P.

“Christ has no body but yours, no hands, no feet on earth but yours.” – St. Teresa of Avila

“I knew Jesus himself took time away from his public ministry to be alone with His Father, and his job was more important than mine.”
– Holly Pierlot

And, because family life is lived in common, much of what you organize now will be the same for each member of your family.

Book Reference  

Read A Mother’s Rule of Life, Chapter 4, “The Second P: Person”


1.      Pray:
Come, Holy Spirit.  Come by the powerful intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Your well-beloved spouse. I pray that this time and my steps are ordered toward You, Lord, as I discern Your Will for our family and create my rule.  I commit and entrust myself wholly to Your guidance, expecting You to cause my thoughts to become agreeable to Your will, so my planning will be blessed and these efforts will bear fruit. I ask this through Christ, Our Lord, Amen.

2.       Assess Personal Needs (Physical, Emotional, and Psychological).  This is going to include documenting your daily routines on the following Routines Worksheet for both you and your children.  You will set specific times for each activity; some will be daily, others weekly or monthly.
®     Do I know my temperament
®     Do I know my love language?  Have I shared this with my husband?
®     How much do I sleep every night?  Is it enough? 
®     What are basic hygiene and grooming tasks I must do daily, how often?  Can I do them before or after meals? (repeat this process for the children)
®     How can I get my body moving and in shape?  What forms of exercise would I like to do more?  How, when, where, can I do this?  Can the children do any of this with me?
®     How often do I think is reasonable for me to get out with friends?  Do I prefer socialization to be regular or spontaneous?
®     What hobbies or other forms of recreation do I need to engage in each day to help balance and help relieve stress?
®    When would there be a natural time for me to do these things?  When the kids are in bed? During their nap time?  After supper?

“By carefully caring for our physical health, we remove any unnecessary burdens on our spirits.
– Holly Pierlot


Weekly or Monthly?
How Much Time?
Where will children be?


Take Temperature & Chart



Morning Hygiene

Evening Hygiene


Time with Friends / Family with Children

Time with Friends / Family without Children


Hair Cut



Daily Weekly or Monthly


Morning Hygiene

Evening Hygiene

Baths / Showers

Naps / Quiet Time



Play Dates

Hair Cuts

Manicure / Pedicure

3.  Now add to your schedule.  There are extra templates in the appendix, should you prefer a different layout or you can download the word documents at if you’d like to type them up or customize.

Support / Accountability

What supporting helps do you want or need to create to help ensure your success and/or remind you and keep you accountable? 
  • Confirm these plans with your spouse?  
  • Have a family meeting to review this plan with your whole family?
  • Hang the schedule on the refrigerator or easily accessible placed?  
  • Set reminders on your phone or computer? 
  • Make an appointment on your desktop calendar?  
  • Confirm any regularly scheduled play dates?
  • Create and hang kid-readable with pictures to-do lists?  
  • Fill out the Examen Template (in the appendix) for you to evaluate daily during a scheduled prayer time, to check if you are following through on your 1st P commitments.

Do these.

2.       Start.   Begin immediately.  The next timeslot that arrives, stop everything and just do it.

"...Remembering here that we're trying to live a Rule and not just a schedule, it's important to try to call to mind at the beginning of each new time frame that you're doing all of this as a response to the call of God."                                                                 - Holly Pierlot

Taking it Further
List of additional resources applicable to the section, if desired
®     Menu Planning – plan healthful and more cost effective meals

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