April 5 | Palm Sunday

Ideas for celebrating Palm Sunday
See our full Lent page (includes Holy Week, and Triduum)

Palm Sunday Coloring Pages
Color (The Catholic Kid)
Color (SJTB)
Color (Schola Rosa)
Color (Schola Rosa
Eight (8)  more Coloring Pages (supercoloring)

Videos about Palm Sunday
JESUS | Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem (Bible for Kids, 27 min)
The Story of Easter: The Triumphal Entry (animated, Saddleback Kids, 3 min)
God's Story: Palm Sunday (animated, Crossroads Kid's Club, 3 min)

Ideas for your new palms
-Tuck it behind a crucifix or religious image in your home
-Place it in your Bible
-If you have an Easter flower arrangement, tuck it in there
-How to make a palm leaf cross Youtube video
-Other ideas for your palms from Catholic Icing

What to with your old palms? 
EWTN says try to return to church for next Ash Wednesday, otherwise carefully burn and spread on garden.

Make Palm Branch Cookies (childrensministry.com)

EZ craft - make "Hosanna Wavers" - trace your hand and a popsicle stick!
Have a parade with your palms
Craft - make your own palm (Sunday School Kids)
-Other craft ideas from Catholic Icing

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