January 25 - Conversion of St. Paul (33-36, Road to Damascus)

St. Paul Coloring Pages and More

St. Paul Coloring Pages
Coloring Pages from SuperColoring.com
Color Preaching in Athens (SJTB)
St. Peter and Paul (Catholic Playground)
Coloring Page (Waltzing Matilda)
3-stage coloring activity (Ministry-to-Children)
Color Page (The Homely Hours)

Handwriting Pages
"St. Paul, pray for us."

Pauline Book Adventures of St. Paul, age 6-10
Pauline Book Saint Paul: The Thirteenth Apostle, age 8-12
TAN/MFW Book St. Paul The Apostle
St. Paul the Apostle by Father Lovasik
Saint Paul the Apostle: The Story of the Apostle to the Gentiles by Mary Fabyan Windeatt

Learn More
Saint of the Day Franciscan Media (2 min audio and short background)
Saul to Paul cartoon on Youtube (3 min) for Young Kids (Teaching Jesus for Kids)
Another Paul Conversion video on Youtube - narrated (3 min)
About (Video) Catholic Online 3 min
"St. Paul - Persecutor to Apostle" by Scott Hahn (13 min)
St. Paul of Tarsus by Father Robert Baron (50 min)

Saint Fun Facts from Catholic Online

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