Mrs. K's Saint's Day Party Ideas

Tried and True Feast of All Saints Games and Activites for your Saint's Day Party (some are very inexpensive!):

  1. Loot Bags. Prepare paper bags labeled with "Happy All Saints Day" as you enter the party so each child can collect all the prizes and candy. Need a marker to put names on bags.
  2. You can have a table with nametags for each child to indicate which Saint they are...let's be honest ...sometimes you have to ask.
  3. Guess how many are in the jar? Table - for Example, "Our Lady of Saint Caramel Jar" with Caramel Candies, Candy Corn for "St. Kateri Tekakwitha Jar?", "Sts Mary and Martha Jar" with M&Ms.
  4. "Fishers of Men" Fishing Pond (saint cards, candy, anything)
  5. Coloring Table - print out coloring pages from here and here and provide a table with either color crayons, markers, or coloring pencils
  6. Saints Bouquet. Cut out pictures of saints (small, round) from stock of saint cards or old books.
    Cut out petals from construction paper and leaves from construction paper. Take the saint picture, with glue, surround it with petals, attach to a straw with a stapler. Long living bouquet of saints!
  7. "Noah's Ark" as a bean bag toss. Take a big piece from a cardboard box. Draw/Color the ark. Cut out big enough holes in the ark for a child to throw small stuffed animals through or other small animal toys. Some thought needs to be given on how to make it set up straight. Watch out if your'e the one holding it up!
  8. Ring Toss with Statues. Set statues on the floor and let the kids throw rings around them.
  9. St. Lucy's Eyeballs. Throw her eyeballs into a cup (ping pong balls - draw a dot for the eyeball)
  10. Knock down the Seven Deadly Sins. Seven Cheap plastic bowling pins and a ball.
  11. Saints Bingo.
  12. Musical Saints Cake Walk. Print out or cut-out two pictures of 10 saints. One big (even 8 x 12) and one small. Best to laminate the big ones. Tape large ones on floor in a big circle for children to run/dance/skip around. Play music and "stop." The small ones are to pick which saint (person) wins. We usually use cupcakes as rewards.
    Haven't tried, but musical chairs version shown here.
  13. Pumpkin Roll. Who can roll the pumpkin the farthest?
  14. Bonus/Sizzle Idea for All Souls/November.  Prepare bags for families to take home with them with a blank November Calendar for All Souls. Inside there are 30 gummie bears. On the calendar, the child fills out a family member, or friend who has died and places their name on a day. THEN as the month progresses, as the child prays for the person on the assigned day, they can be rewarded for remembering and praying by eating one gummie bear.
  15. Litany of Saints Glow in the Dark Finish. End with each child being given a glow stick. Turn down the lights and pray the Litany of Saints. Way to celebrate All Saints and prepare for All Souls. We ask each child in the circle to add their Saint's name to the Litany.

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