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Light Weigh Eating Catholic Program by Susanne Fowler - Make Your Peace with Food
              - Short-cut Rules List

Ideas to keep the kids moving:
  1. Simplest Idea - Outside Time/Recess, 45-min to an hour in the morning and the same in the afternoon.
  2. Added to our school day a simple, doable, five minute exercise regiment.  Everyone can do FIVE minutes. Use a timer, and play fun music.
    -1 minute jumping jacks
    -1 minute wall sit
    -1 minute push-ups
    -1 minute sit-ups
    -1 minute jumping jacks
  3. As a discipline tool, have kids run around the house x # times depending on severity of infraction.  This is especially good for high-energy boys.
  4. A trampoline.
  5. Wintertime: An indoor, small trampoline.

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