Discipline Ideas

Disciplining Children

Download this Editable list of consequences for  you to customize.  Review and post openly in your home, so kids know exactly what to expect.  

"I could give you hundreds of ideas for discipline, but what I cannot do, is give you the will to do it." 

"Discipline without love may be harsh. Love without discpline is child abuse."

"Your mouth is not the primary tool of discipline. If it's your primary tool, turn it off.
- Quotes from Dr. Ray

YOUNG - age 1+

  • Distraction (remove from tempation)
  • Swat on the hand or bottom
  • Take away toy until child conforms or for ______ time
  • Time-out for ____ time


  • Go to room for ______ time, or until called. 
  • Lose screen time for _______ time. 
  • Black-out – take away every privilege: snacks, electronics, anything whatsoever enjoyable for day(s). If you need some work or cleaning done desperately, allow children to earn back time. 
  • Swats on the behind (also known as spanking, yes, this actually works, and if you do it correctly, and not out of anger, you will be doing it less and less). 
  • Handwriting Worksheets, some with Bible Verses.
    Golden Rule - cursive
    Golden Rule - manuscript
    Early Learner SORRY
    Calling Names (manuscript)
    Right Away Obedience (cursive)
    - Lying / Stealing (manuscript)
    Lying / Stealing (cursive)
    Unkindness (cursive)
    Use of Speech (cursive)
    Use of Speech (manuscript)
    Be Kind (manuscript)
    Didn't Drop the Subject (manuscript)
    Grumbling (manuscript)
    Right Away Obedience (manuscript)
    Obey Parents (manuscript)
  • Make your own handwriting sheets by using StartWrite Software. 
  • Time-Out (with a timer - they are $1 at the dollar store) 
  • Hail Mary Hug - hug sister/brother while reciting the Hail Mary prayer together. When completed child has to say, "I'm sorry and I love you." 
  • Get outside and run around the house _____ times - especially good for boys. Or other physical exercise... 10 push-ups, 200 jumping jacks. 
  • Take away their most special privilege or electronic or treasured item. Think hard, what does he/she love the most. Surprisingly, this might mean something wholesome like taking away books, or a musical instrument. 
  • Write an essay – all privileges denied until essay is delivered. ___#-words depending on age. 
  • Be your sister's slave for one hour 
  • Do your sibling's chore for remainder of day or for the week. 
  • Chore Jar (could color code paper for age differences) 
  • Meal Time Infraction, go to bed right after meal. 
  • Meal Related Infraction, lose next snack or next meal. 


"We are Catholics, we are not like everybody else and
we shouldn't expect to do the things everybody else does." 

The late Supreme Court Justice, Antonin Scalia when speaking to his son.)

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