Suggestions for Finances
  1. Dave Ramsey's program for budgeting and getting out of debt is wonderful.  It's a Christian Worldview, too.  His Seven Baby Steps will give you the jist.
  2. Catholics - get acquainted with The Infant Jesus of Prague asap.  Put Jesus' image in with your bills and ask for Jesus to lead you in your financial need.  Also, St. Joseph, patron of families.

Handful of Cost-Saving Ideas
  1. Find an Aldi.
    Aldi has saved us over 1/3 on our grocery budget.  Recently they communicated they are going non-GMO, too.  Note:  KwikTrip can have cheaper butter and bananas.
  2. Have a Menu Plan.  Without it you are going to spend way too much at the store.  Also, if you have a semi-constant menu-plan i.e. Spaghetti every Monday night or Taco Tuesdays, you can get acquainted with the best prices for those ingredients.
    SAMPLE MENU PLAN 2 (Excel)
  3. Bulk Cook - "Don't Panic, It's in the Freezer!" Is a good start.  
  4. Switch from offering milk at every meal, to offering water.
  5. Ammonia & Water for everything cleaning, Ammonia and water in your spray bottles, buckets. etc.  Use it like you would pine sol.  (Not on wood, though.)
    Note -Have found that vinegar and water is a little better for windows. 1/4 c. vinegar to 2 c. water.
  6. A true Dollar store (i.e. Dollar Tree)  often has cheaper items than even Aldi or Walmart
  7. Buy in bulk when possible.
  8. When really pinched, you can live without paper towels, fabric softener & dryer sheets, and you can make your own laundry detergent.

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