Our Favorite Apologetics Resources

-> The Best Conversion Stories
 -> Suprised By Truth Books (3 books)
-> GREAT Catholic Q & A with Peter Kreeft and Rev. Thomas Joseph White, O.P.

Some Resources for Specific Denominations

Free Masonry
Video: John Salza - start at 20:20 if you are not Catholic.

Audio: Abba or Allah, Scott Hahn (1 hr, 1 min) 2011
CD: Abba or Allah, Scott Hahn
Video: Islam: What Every Infadel should know, Steve Ray (55 min) 2018

 CD Mother Mariam of the Lamb of God  aka Rosalind Moss (Lighhouse Catholic Media, 1 hr)

Video: "Mormons Refuted in 4 Points by Dr Taylor Marshall" (14 minute video)

New Age
Video: Moira Noonan - New Age

Video: Scott Hahn Conversion Story - Presbyterian Pastor (1 hr, 14 min), his book
            Rome Sweet Rome * Scott Hahn's conversion story is the #1 Catholic CD of all time 
Audio: Steve Ray - on Lighthouse Catholic Media - way better than the free, older one on Youtube,
            which has weird chirping noises throughout and isn't as thorough
            Conversion Story - Evengelical (1 hr), his book Crossing the Tiber
Video: Peter Kreeft Conversion Story - Protestant (1 hr, 8 min)
NEW! Video: Keith Nester Conversion Story - Protestant Pastor (57 min)
Video: Alex Jones - Conversion Story Pentecostal Pastor (48 min)
Video: Carolyn King Conversion Story - Lutheran (1 hr, 29 min)
Video: LizziesAnswers Conversion Story - Evangelical Youtuber (43 min)
CD Confessions of a Mega Church Pastor Dr. Allen Hunt: Conversion Story - Evangelical Mega Church Pastor

Video: Betty Brennan - Satanist (2 vids, 1 hr)