January 28 | March 7 | St. Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274), Italy

Resources for St. Thomas Aquinas, the "Dumb Ox"
Feast:28 January (ordinary form), 7 March (extraordinary form)

Coloring Pages
St. Thomas Aquinas Coloring Page (Schola Rosa)
St. Thomas Aquinas Coloring Page (Catholic Playground)
St. Thomas Aquinas Coloring Page (Coloring Saints)

Handwriting Pages
"St. Thomas Aquinas, pray for us."
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Book Footsteps of the Saints L3-Jr. High-Jr. High The Ox Was an Angel: Thomas Aquinas
Vision Book: St. Thomas Aquinas and the Preaching Beggars
TAN/MFW Book St. Thomas Aquinas: The Story of the Dumb Ox

Saint of the Day from Franciscan Media (Audio, 2 min and short bio)

Youtube Video (Catholic Online, 3 min)
Youtube Video St. Thomas Aquianas the Angelic Doctor (Animated, 5 min, by University of Santo Tomas)
Fr. Robert Baron on St. Thomas Aquinas 8 min

Saint Fun Facts from Catholic Online