January 17 - Our Lady of Pontmain (1871), France

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Our Lady of Pontmain Coloring Book
Mary Fabyan Windeatt

The Blessed Virgin Mary's appeared in 1871 to several children in Pontmain, France, in 1870. She seemed to bring a message of the power of the Holy Cross and showed her special approval of the title, Mother of Hope.

Coloring Page (La Fleur de Lys too)
Catholic Story Coloring Book (on Amazon around $5, updated from B&N $6)

Handwriting Pages
"Our Lady of Pontmain, pray for us."
     manuscript   cursive

Our Lady Comes to Pontmain
Mary's Books

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About (Roman Catholic Saints)
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Have a Blessed Virgin Mary Party

Our Lady of Pontmain, pray for us!

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